90 Days to Your Better Self

Let’s Celebrate



90 Days to Your Better Self is a book that's all about YOU! How many times have you tried to find a self-help book that was full of inspirations to help you break through to your next level, only to find that you were in the very same place that you were in when you started reading? Afterward, there was no new you, no better you, no improved you; as a matter of fact, the content was a version of everything you'd heard before but packaged differently. And now you will experience a different form of support in your journey; this book will serve as a tool to assist you in discovering dimensions of yourself that have been lying, either dormant or unrevealed. Whether these parts of you are negative or positive, they are, in many cases, the very subconscious things that hold us back from what we aspire to do and be.

In my experience, growing is the process of getting in closer contact with self. And this process is the foundation that allows you to know who you are, discover your purpose, and then fulfill your purpose. Writing this book is indicative of my work in fulfilling my purpose. Certainly, it has been said a thousand times that we can be whoever we want to be and attain any goal we set for ourselves, but what I discovered is that nobody is really showing you how to reach the destination of your life. In this collection of thought-provoking topics that stimulate you to think and write about where you are on the map of your life, you will expound upon the daily topic which, in return, will route you back to yourself, because again, it's all about you. If a book has ever been written about you, THIS IS IT!

For some it may take thirty days, others may take sixty, but by that ninetieth day of consistent work and healing, you will definitely feel the difference. As you get closer and closer into contact with yourself, your vision becomes clearer about who you are. When you face the challenges of yourself, which you will, you are now in the position to create solutions to remedy anything that's holding you back from your better self. No one can stop you but you! This is a work that no one can do but YOU!

Congratulations in advance! I'm so excited about introducing you to your better self in just a few months!